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Katze Dealer
Rock music is my religion.
My life is a concert.
I'm addicted to Youtube and Makeup.
Indochine and Green Day are my drugs.
I'm a little croissant.
Nikon D3100 is my baby.
Pizza is my Boyfriend.
I'm in love with cats.
I eat Chocolate all day long.
You can say I'm a lazy student.
This website ruined my life.
Twitter too.
I wish I was born in an english country.
Zelda and Links are my sister and brother.

I saw them live : Green Day (02/10/2009) , Indochine (31/01/2011) , Simple Plan (25/04/2012) , Indochine (12/11/13) , Mylène Farmer [yes..] (27/11/13) , WoodKid (13/02/14) , Fall Out Boy (02/03/14) , Indochine (25/03/14) and Stuck in the Sound (01/04/14).

Next Concerts : Pentatonix + Indochine

"Plus loin c'est toujours l'indo que j'ai trouvé
Partout c'est l'indo ma vie ça on le sait
Et depuis je pars toutes les nuits
Je dépose un dahlia au pied de nos vies"

Walking Contradiction ♥
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